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A new era is beginning..

So, yeah! Hi! Lots of news this time!
As you may have seen, the background on the blog has changed into something more Lich King-ish. While I liked the Westfall themed background I had before, I just didn't think it worked out the way it should. That's why I have changed it for a brief moment - for it will be changed again into something that will improve the blog a little more!

Also, I released my Peasant-preview thingie on YouTube this week! It explains a little about the movie, as well as why I have to postpone it to 2010 instead. I know it's tough, but I'd rather not rush it out. Fortunately, people have been really understanding about the issue, which warms my heart. You can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGvAWKcQJIg

Yeah, it may be a little late, but Whowho actually also did an interview with me sometime ago. We come across a lot of themes and discussions. You can read it here:

And then at last, but not least. While I have previously stated the opposite, I have decided to not have the prologue from the trailer for The Peasant in the final movie. Why? Because I like it's uniqueness. It's told through narration and stillpictures, which I think is pretty nice and would be broken, by smashing it into the final movie. I've started using Adobe After Effects for the movie, so progress is going faster and looks better! :)

Well, that's all for now!


First day of trailer-ism


The trailer for the Peasant got released today, and boy did I enjoy it and I hope you people did as well! It's been an awesome day. It has been featured on WCM, for which I am very greatful and I have gotten a lot of great response on it, which is very nice! Here's a YouTube video, but you can check it out at http://www.warcraftmovies.com/index.php.



The quality of some of them are really bad, however, this is only due to the .jpg file and has nothing to do with the movie! The pictures are in no specific order! Anyway, here's a couple of screenshots from "The Peasant"